~ Charlie's Gallery of Friends and Fellow Musicians ~
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At the Frank Neat Banjo Shop L-R: Frank Neat, Charlie & Jimmy Cox

Charlie at Hilltop Studios in Nashville, TN

With Marty Stuart at the Ryman

Hammin' it up with Uncle Josh at the Opry

Stuart Duncan, Charlie, Vince Gill, Barry Bales at the Ryman

Buddy Harmon, Charlie and Earl Scruggs at the Opry

More Fun at the Ryman

Eddie Stubbs and Charlie at Don Reno's grave in Lynchburg, VA

A Large Night at the Opry

Louise Scruggs, Charlie Cushman and Earl Scruggs at the Opry

Charlie at Don Reno's grave playing "I'm Using My Bible For A Roadmap" on Charlie Poole's 1925 Gibson RB-4.

Charlie with Billy Edwards and his RB-4 at Billy's home.

Can you hear me now?

My Favorite Banjo a 1934 Gibson RB-3 Flathead.

"Foggy Mountain Breakdown" on the Opry with Earl Scruggs, Gary Scruggs and Charlie Cushman.

John picks, Earl grins, Gary sings, I ...Can't believe it!!!

Uncle Josh, Vassar Celments, Earl Scruggs, Charlie Cushman backstage at the Opry.

Kent Blanton, Charlie and Marty Stuart

Stuart Duncan, Charlie, Vince Gill, Barry Bales and Jeff White at the Ryman

Charlie backing up Marty and Brad Davis at the Ryman

Charlie with the Mike Snider String Band

Charlie & Billy

Fiddlin' Tim Crouch, Darrin Vincent and Charlie

Playing "Cumberland Gap" with Marty Stuart at the Ryman.

Charlie wearing Red Smiley's hat, courtesy of Buddy Hogan.

Eddie Stubbs fiddles "Wake Up Susan" with The Marty Show.

Charlie and Kenny Groves

Charlie at age 11 in Clarksville, TN 1971

First Mastertone

Charlie enjoying Christmas in 1971 with his first Mastertone.

Rosine, Kentucky

Charlie and Don Reno at Rosine, Kentucky in 1973.


Charlie in a family portrait in 1976.

Midnite Ramblers

James Monroe's Midnite Ramblers in 1979.

Charlie On Stage...

with Bill Monroe at Bean Blossom, IN in 1979.

Bean Blossom

Bill Monroe, Charlie and James Monroe at the Bean Blossom Festival in Indiana - 1979.

Sunny Mountain Boys

Jimmy Martin's Sunny Mountain Boys in Norco, California -1980.

"Gettin' It"

"Gettin' it" with the "Super King" - Jimmy Martin in California - 1980.

Wind in the Willows

At the Wind in the Willows with Charlie, Stan Brown, Pat Enright and Mike Compton in 1981.

Charlie with Jerry Douglas and Vince Gill at the Station Inn in Nashville, TN.

Tools of the Trade

"3 x 3"

Charlie, Eddie Stubbs and Steve Chandler at Hilltop Studio doing a Reno & Smiley LP re-mix.

Casey Driesen, Tim O'Brien, Dennis Crouch & Charlie at the Cafe' Bohemian